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Sengenia are specialists in fibre optic sensors and offer a complete range of the latest state-of-the-art sensor reading equipment and sensors, including the extensive Micron Optics product range. In addition our company draws on the wide range of expertise and experience of some of the most renowned academics within this field. Our team of specialists also deliver leading edge consultancy services (if required) using the most reliable techniques and novel technologies to cover all your needs for the monitoring of strain, temperature, moisture etc in a wide range of applications, the most common being bridges and significant civil engineering projects. A key aim in the creation of Sengenia was to provide the best response to the requirements for novel measurement and sensor systems across industry as a whole, but with a particular focus on the civil and structural engineering fields.

We have been successful even in these challenging economic times, and have won several industry awards ( We have proven from past successes with our growing customer base and project portfolio that working with Sengenia gives our customers the following key benefits

 *   Peace of mind that you are working with technology leaders, backed with decades of experience, in this crucial area of structural monitoring, both during and after construction

 *   A diverse range of hi tech sensing options tailored correctly to suit your particular project needs, maximising the quality and accuracy of the results and leading to a greater understanding of the structure’s inherent properties and life cycle challenges

 *   A “detail oriented” approach and a focus on value-for-money in everything we do for our client, making sure we attract customers for life

 *   Access to a team of academic and industry professionals on the leading edge of fibre optic sensing technology

 *   A range of new techniques combined with decades of experience and ensuring that all your sensing projects are planned, executed, monitored and interpreted correctly with the highest possible degree of accuracy

 *   If in academia, you will also have access to our soon to be announced “Educational kits” which raise the bar in terms of delivering value for money and the latest educational tools for use in the lab

We hope that you will feel free to contact us for solutions to your measurement needs. Should you have any further enquiries, please use any of the methods below.

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Tel: 028 9066 5441

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