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Using Precision Teaching with dermatology students

CBA members collaborated with colleagues from the University's School of Medicine to publish an article on the use of Precision Teaching to teach dermatology students effectively. An intervention...

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MScABA student Emma Delemere published in prestigious autism journal

MScABA student Emma Delemere, who in 2016 won prestigious UK-wide student research award, with her supervisor Dr Katerina Dounavi published an article in the prestigious Journal of Autism and...

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Keynote speech on behavioural components of effective mHealth apps

Dr Katerina Dounavi delivered a keynote speech on behavioural components of effective mHealth apps. MyHabeats, the behavioural vaccine app founded by Dr Milioni, is the result of a...

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Systematic review on mHealth technology for weight management

Dr Katerina Dounavi and Olga Tsoumani conducted a systematic review of the evidence on the feasibility and effectiveness of mHealth technology for weight loss and presented key outcomes in the...

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Article on burnout among ABA professionals

MScABA student Camille Plantiveau, with her supervisor, Dr Katerina Dounavi, and Dr Virués-Ortega from the University of Auckland published an innovative article on burnout rates among ABA...

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