Centre for Behaviour Analysis


Prof Karola Dillenburger
Professor of Behaviour Analysis and Education
PhD, Clin. Psych. (HPC), BCBA-D

Deputy Director

Dr Katerina Dounavi
Lecturer in Behaviour Analysis and Autism

Other Staff Members:

Mr John Busch
Dr Ian Cantley
Dr Julie-Anne Jordan
Dr Lynne McKerr
Dr Neil Martin
Dr Margaret O'Callaghan
Dr Eugene O'Hare
Mr David Piekaar
Dr Anita Yakkundi

Research Students:

Ms Smita Awasthi
Mr Caleb Coyle
Ms Gerda Creagh
Ms Rosie Gaw
Ms Yini Liao
Mr Jason Majchrzak
Ms Catriona (Tia) Martin
Ms Lisa Ruddy
Ms Sora Stein
Ms Amy Tanner

Completed Research Students:

Dr Montserrat Fargas
Dr Brian Fennell
Dr Anna Logan
Dr Benny McDaniel
Dr Bronagh McKee
Dr Cornelia Munteanu
Dr Dermot O'Reilly 


News from the Centre for Behaviour Analysis

Yini Liao wins Faculty prize in poster competition

Yini Liao, a PhD student from the Centre for Behaviour Analysis, was named as the Faculty of AHSS winner at the Annual Graduate School Researcher Poster...

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Presentation at 18th Annual International Conference on Education, Athens

Dr Katerina Dounavi and Dr Stefania Giannakaki presented a paper entitled “Effective Behaviour-Analytic Strategies for Promoting ASD Inclusive Classes: The Role of the Teacher and...

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Canadian interest in CBA student's study

Amy Tanner, PhD student at the Centre for Behaviour Analysis, was interviewed by Global News in Canada in relation to her study focusing on parent-mediated interventions for very young children...

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Association for Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) Convention

Tia Martin, Caleb Coyle, Smita Awasthi and Jason Majchrzak (left to right), PhD students from Centre for Behaviour Analysis, attended and presented at Association for Professional Behavior...

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Helping families living with autism

A report by Karola Dillenburger, Director for the Centre for Behaviour Analysis, highlighted that early intervention based on applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is recognised internationally as best...

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Dillenburger, K., Keenan, M., & Gallagher (2015). A seat at the table: Families affected by Autism. Amazon Kindle Publication

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