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Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese Spring Festival was celebrated at School of Education, with Yini Liao (pictured right, PhD student at our Centre for Behaviour Analysis) and friends in beautiful traditional Qipao...

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36 DEL PhD studentships open for applications at QUB

We are happy to discuss any ABA-related ideas with you to help you develop a strong proposal. We would welcome applications from prospective PhD candidates who are interested in pursuing doctoral...

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CBA present poster at 2nd HCBA conference, Athens

A poster entitled “The inclusion of children with ASD in mainstream school settings: Effective applications informed by behaviour analysis” was presented by María José...

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Centre for Behaviour Analysis take part in first Team meeting in Osnabrück, Germany

Centre for Behaviour Analysis take part in first Team meeting in Osnabrück, Germany, of Erasmus+ Project to develop a standarised European qualification for Job...

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4th CBA/QUART conference a great success

Multidisciplinary work in autism was the topic of the 4th CBA/QUART conference held at the Whitla Hall, QUB on 6 Nov 2015. The conference...

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