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4th Centre for Behaviour analysis/QUART Conference Multidisciplinary work in Autism: How can Behaviour Analysis Help

DATE: Friday 6th November 2015
TIME: 9.30am -4.00pm
LOCATION:  Whitla Hall, Queen's University Belfast,
REGISTRATION: There is no registration fee, but to attend you must register online here   A light lunch, tea and coffee will be provided

This is an all-day conference that makes a difference. Setting local experience and expertise into international context, this conference is scientific, evidence-based and participatory. International keynote speakers will demonstrate how behaviour analysis can be utilised to enhance multidisciplinary work in Autism for a range of different professions, including clinical psychology, speech and language therapy, nursing, teaching, and psychiatry. BACB Continued Education Units will be offered free of charge.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Javier Virues-Ortega, Clinical Psychologist, BCBA-D ; Auckland University, New Zealand; 
Bethan Mair Williams, Speech and Language Therapist BCBA;
Professor Dr med. Hanns Rüdiger Röttgers, Psychiatrist; Uni. of Appl. Science, Germany;
Patrick McCormack, School’s principal/parent of child with autism.
Liam McDermot, Nurse, Western Health and Social care Trust, Northern Ireland.

Call for Papers information:

The ‘Call for Papers’ allows you to take an active part in this conference and makes the conference uniquely hands-on.

We welcome researchers, students, and professionals from education, behaviour support, social care, and health, as well as parents and individuals affected by ASD to present their findings from evidence-based interventions and multidisciplinary collaborations. Proposals for oral presentations and posters are invited under the following four themes:

  • Medical perspectives: Behavioural pediatrics
  • Psychological perspectives: Educational and Clinical Psychology
  • Communication/language assessment and teaching
  • Educational practice and collaborations.

 E-mail abstracts to Lisa Ruddy

Peer-review decisions: Abstracts will be assessed on a rolling basis and candidates will be notified within 1 month of submission. Final deadline for abstract submissions: 15 September 2015  Accepted presenters (one per paper/poster) are automatically registered for the conference.

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