DATE               25 November 2016
TIME               11.00 – 14.00
VENUE             Seminar room 1, Whitla Medical Building
SPACES           Limited to 30 spaces (on a first come, first registered basis)

Precision Teaching (PT) is a behaviour analytic procedure that focuses on building fluent skills in a variety of learning contexts, including individuals with specific learning difficulties or adult learners.  PT uses frequent but brief timed measures of student performance on specific learning points with the aim of improving speed and accuracy sufficient to ensure retention and endurance of information. There is potential that PT may offer new approaches to learning in a health professional context. This seminar aims to provide an overview of PT in health profession education and highlight case examples of applications in learning environments. 


11.00-11.20     Precision teaching: an overview

11.30-11.50     Case example: PT and iv fluid prescribing teaching

11.50-12.10     Case example: PT and dermatology teaching

12.10-12.30     Small group work: what next and idea generation

12.30-13.00     Lunch

13.00-13.45     Development of smart phone apps in education     


Prof Karola Dillenburger / Dr Katerina Dounavi, Centre for Behaviour Analysis, QUB

Ian Walsh / Joe Houghton (QUB, CME)

Drs Collette McCourt/Conor McGrath (BHSCT)

Dr Anne Campbell, Lecturer in Social Work, QUB


To attend, please email Karen Murphy by 10 November.
Tea and coffee provided. Sandwich lunch for CME members only.

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