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Educational Inclusion for children and young people (8-20) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 2015–16: Training for Parents and Professionals (teaching staff) for working with children/young people with Autism

PEAT through funding from the Big Lottery Fund can offer support and training for individuals with Autism as well as those involved with the individuals. PEAT is aware of the struggles faced by children/young people with autism at school as well as the difficulties/challenges faced by those involved with the children/young people.  Through this project PEAT Behaviour Analysts are providing support and training to help teach and support the individuals with autism, their parents, teacher, teaching staff etc.

The Centre for Behaviour Analysis in collaboration with, 'Parents' Education as Autism Therapists (PEAT)', are offering five training events as part of the ongoing Big Lottery Fund project.  The details for each event are below, for further information and registration forms contact the PEAT office, Tel: 028 90 324 882 or e-mail:

The courses will take place on campus, Queen's University Belfast.

TITLE: Event 1, Understanding children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
DATE: Friday 9th October 2015
TIME: 10.00-4.00pm
LOCATION: Peter Froggat Centre /02/018

TITLE: Event 2, Understanding Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
DATE: Friday 27th November 2015
TIME: 10.00-4.00pm
LOCATION: 18 College Green /0G/008

TITLE: Event 3, Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Applied Behaviour Analysis
DATE: Friday 29th January 2016
TIME: 10.00-4.00pm
LOCATION: Senate Room, Lanyon Building 0G/059, QUB

TITLE: Event 4, Strategies for children/young people with ASD and related disorders
DATE: Friday 11th March 2016
TIME: 10.00-4.00pm
LOCATION: 18 College Green /0G/008

TITLE: Event 5, Social Skills for children/young people with ASD
DATE: Friday 3rd June 2016
TIME: 10.00-4.00pm

Online registration at ‘Training and Events’ for all above events.  For more information contact or telephone 02890324882.

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