CBA seminar series - Employment of people with disabilities: The case of the Czech Republic

Date: 2 March 2018
Speaker: Dr Lucie Procházková from Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Institute for Research in Inclusive Education – Faculty of Education

Work and preparation for it constitutes a substantial part of our lives. The right to work belongs among the basic human rights. People with disabilities face multiple difficulties when entering the labour market. Employment has been a part of political agenda in the whole EU, the support of disadvantaged groups of people even more so. In the Czech Republic, social inclusion of people with disabilities has been related to the overall political and economic situation of the country. People with disabilities were integrated in the labour market only to a small degree until the 1990s. It is only 30 years ago that people with disabilities began to be employed in the free labour market, their potential recognized and these people became members of working teams. Yet we can still recognise many obstacles in the process of employment of people with disabilities (attitudes of society, of employers and people with disabilities, barriers in the environment and the system).

Lucie Procházková, Ph.D. (Masaryk University, Czech Republic) is a senior lecturer at the Masaryk University, Faculty of Education. Her main focus is on the employment of people with disabilities and support during vocational education and integration to the labour market and society. At the moment, she focuses her research (and publishing) activities on the attitudes of employers to employment of people with disabilities as well as on experience of people with disabilities at the labour market. She leads courses dealing with education and support of adults with disabilities, courses for German speaking students and mentors students' practicum. She is involved in international projects. Before entering the Faculty of Education at MU, she worked as a researcher in Vienna, Austria.


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