The QUART Forum is based on a philosophy of inclusion, evidence-based effective education, and rights-based person-centered research and practice.

Our mission is to provide knowledge, values, and skills that improve parental and professional confidence and competence and lead to improvements for individuals on the spectrum, their families, and society.

Research and education philosophy

International peer-reviewed research evidence shows that education and treatment that is based on the scientific discipline of behaviour analysis is the most effective way to help children and families affected by ASD to thrive.

'As a means to produce meaningful changes to behaviour ABA has demonstrated its effectiveness at the level of the individual, group or community. This effectiveness has been highlighted by the large number of publications, spanning back five decades, illustrating significant behavioural change that can be maintained after the intervention has ceased across a range of settings and behaviours (including educational, health, animal welfare, sporting performance, and psychological well being)'. (Mudford et al., 2009, p. 8)