Benchmarking Autism Service Efficacy (BASE)

Benchmarking Autism Service Efficacy (BASE) Project

(Feb 2012 - March 2015)

This 3-year OFMdFM project is entitled: Helping the most vulnerable out of the poverty trap and reducing inequality: Policies, strategies, and services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, including intellectual and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

While the Autism Act (NI) 2011 is being implemented and the Departmental strategy documents are being prepared, data provided by this research will provide a baseline that will allow for benchmarking progress for individual with ASD, including intellectual and neurodevelopmental disabilities in the years to come.

BASE reports are available to download here:

BASE Project Volume 5 Final project report (March 2016)

BASE Project Volume 4 Qualitative data analysis (Dec 2015)

BASE Project Volume 3 Secondary data analysis (March 2014)

BASE Project Volume 2 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey Autism Module (Sept 2013)

BASE Project Volume 1 Literature review (Feb 2015)