Completed Projects

Autism in the Air: In collaboration with City Airport, Aer Lingus, and PEAT we are helping children with autism to go on holidays. Going on an airplane can be a difficult and scary time for children with autism.  more>>

: Recently the Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) Survey established that autism awareness in the general population in Northern Ireland is 81% and that 51% of the sample of n=1204 participants knew someone with autism personally (Dillenburger, Jordan, & McKerr, 2013; 2014). The KLT and YLT surveys were conducted to establish autism awareness, attitudes and knowledge for 11-year-olds and 16-year-olds (respectively). The KLT and YLT survey results will be launched on 13 May 2015.Funder: Centre for Behaviour Analysis Duration:2014-2015 Download full report here.

PROJECT ¬†ABLE: Evaluation and development of good practice strategy: This project was funded by Orchardville (Lottery funding). Orchardville provides employment support to individuals with autism aged 16+ through Project ABLE (Autism Building Links to Employment).  The aim of this Belfast wide programme is to assist in the development of employability and social skills, Funder: Orchardville (Lottery funding) Duration:2013-2014 Download full report here.

NORTHERN IRELAND HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION: Needs and Rights of Carers.  Duration 2013-2014 

STAMPPP II: Science and the treatment of autism: A multimedia package for parents and professionals. Funder: Leonardo da Vinci; Transfer of Innovation.  Duration: 2011-2013

OFMDFM/NISRA: Childcare issues for disabled children, especially with regard to caregivers as they grow older £24,000. Download full report here.

KTP:Knowledge Transfer Partnership: With PEAT: Development of an evidence-based research and social economy strand. £41,313

STAMPPP: Science and the treatment of autism: A multimedia package for parents and professionals. Funded by Leonardo da Vinci; Transfer of Innovation. With University of Applied Sciences Muenster, Germany; University of Oviedo, Spain; Akershus University College, Norway; UU; PEAT; ANTAM) (2008-2010). €399,000

COGWORKS - The Cognitive Health and Wellbeing Hub. funded by Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Network, administered through Medical Research Council (MRC). (with multi-disciplinary team from QUB, Karim Hadjri, PI; UU; Brunel University; University of Stirling; Oxford Brooks University). (2009-2010)  £50,000

SCoTENS. Conference organization support: Facing Autism 2009 funded by Standing Conference of Teacher Education North and South (2009)  £3000

CAP: What the future holds: Older people as carers of adult dependant children with disabilities. Funded by Changing Ageing Partnership (CAP). Research Seed Grant. (2008-2009). £10,000. Older Carers Report (funded by CAP partnership/AtlanticPhilatrophies)

PEAT: Young people’s participation project. Funded by Big Lottery Fund, Young People’s Fund –Change UR Future. With Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists Charity (PEAT). (2007-2010). £150,000.

SIMPLE STEPS: Project Grant. Funded by Big Lottery. Voluntary and Community Sector Scheme. With PEAT. (2006-2008). £236,000.

RIA: Meeting the needs of families living with children on the autistic spectrum disorder . Funded by Royal Irish Academy; Developing Charity Strategy Through Partnership – (DCSP). With UU and PEAT. (2006-2008). €71,200.

RIA Autism Report (Funded by Royal Irish Academy)

BBC: Child Support Programme. Funded by BBC Children in Need. With PEAT. (2006-2007) £50,000

PAVE: Evidence based practice for people affected by community violence. Funded by Strategic Implementation Fund (Office First Minister and Deputy First Minister, NI) Good relations and Reconciliation Division (2005-2007). £153,000