Completed Projects

Autism in the Air: In collaboration with City Airport, Aer Lingus, and PEAT we are helping children with autism to go on holidays. Going on an airplane can be a difficult and scary time for children with autism.  more>>

Northern Adult Autism Advisory (NAAAS) Service evaluation
NAAAS was announced by Minister Poots at the launch of the Autism Strategy and Action Plan in January 2014. NAAAS was the first pilot of such a service in NI. This project evaluates the NAAAS that took place in Ballymena during 2014. Online surveys and interviews were conducted with a number of services users who availed of NAAAS during its first year.
Funder: Centre for Behaviour Analysis

: Recently the Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) Survey established that autism awareness in the general population in Northern Ireland is 81% and that 51% of the sample of n=1204 participants knew someone with autism personally (Dillenburger, Jordan, & McKerr, 2013; 2014). The KLT and YLT surveys were conducted to establish autism awareness, attitudes and knowledge for 11-year-olds and 16-year-olds (respectively). The KLT and YLT survey results will be launched on 13 May 2015.Funder: Centre for Behaviour Analysis Duration:2014-2015 Download full report here.

PROJECT ¬†ABLE: Evaluation and development of good practice strategy: This project was funded by Orchardville (Lottery funding). Orchardville provides employment support to individuals with autism aged 16+ through Project ABLE (Autism Building Links to Employment).  The aim of this Belfast wide programme is to assist in the development of employability and social skills, Funder: Orchardville (Lottery funding) Duration:2013-2014 Download full report here.

NORTHERN IRELAND HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION: Needs and Rights of Carers.  Duration 2013-2014 

STAMPPP II: Science and the treatment of autism: A multimedia package for parents and professionals. Funder: Leonardo da Vinci; Transfer of Innovation.  Duration: 2011-2013

OFMDFM/NISRA: Childcare issues for disabled children, especially with regard to caregivers as they grow older £24,000. Download full report here.

KTP:Knowledge Transfer Partnership: With PEAT: Development of an evidence-based research and social economy strand. £41,313

STAMPPP: Science and the treatment of autism: A multimedia package for parents and professionals. Funded by Leonardo da Vinci; Transfer of Innovation. With University of Applied Sciences Muenster, Germany; University of Oviedo, Spain; Akershus University College, Norway; UU; PEAT; ANTAM) (2008-2010). €399,000

COGWORKS - The Cognitive Health and Wellbeing Hub. funded by Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Network, administered through Medical Research Council (MRC). (with multi-disciplinary team from QUB, Karim Hadjri, PI; UU; Brunel University; University of Stirling; Oxford Brooks University). (2009-2010)  £50,000

SCoTENS. Conference organization support: Facing Autism 2009 funded by Standing Conference of Teacher Education North and South (2009)  £3000

CAP: What the future holds: Older people as carers of adult dependant children with disabilities. Funded by Changing Ageing Partnership (CAP). Research Seed Grant. (2008-2009). £10,000. Older Carers Report (funded by CAP partnership/AtlanticPhilatrophies)

PEAT: Young people’s participation project. Funded by Big Lottery Fund, Young People’s Fund –Change UR Future. With Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists Charity (PEAT). (2007-2010). £150,000.

SIMPLE STEPS: Project Grant. Funded by Big Lottery. Voluntary and Community Sector Scheme. With PEAT. (2006-2008). £236,000.

RIA: Meeting the needs of families living with children on the autistic spectrum disorder . Funded by Royal Irish Academy; Developing Charity Strategy Through Partnership – (DCSP). With UU and PEAT. (2006-2008). €71,200.

RIA Autism Report (Funded by Royal Irish Academy)

BBC: Child Support Programme. Funded by BBC Children in Need. With PEAT. (2006-2007) £50,000

PAVE: Evidence based practice for people affected by community violence. Funded by Strategic Implementation Fund (Office First Minister and Deputy First Minister, NI) Good relations and Reconciliation Division (2005-2007). £153,000