Empower Young People with Autism who are at risk of Educational Exclusion

Empower Young People with Autism who are at risk of Educational Exclusion (2013-2016) Funded by the Lottery, in collaboration with PEAT and UU, we are involved in the evaluation of this project and facilitate professional training workshops. There is a need for effective intervention and support to reduce the risk of children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders being excluded from education. Dealing with disruptive behaviour is a difficult issue for many teachers. Suspensions or exclusions are becoming increasingly used as a last resort with many teachers feeling that there is no alternative. Research shows that children with Autism and other special education needs currently face higher rates of exclusion and poorer educational outcomes than their peers, e.g., 27% of children with autism are excluded from school.

Without the right support from school, the educational process, social skills, the self-esteem and health of children with Autism will suffer. With the proper support they can achieve their full potential, paving the way for a more independent adult life. The project includes

1 - Individual support - individualised programmes for children and young people
2 - Group support - group workshops for children and young people focusing on social and communication skills
3 - Workshops for professionals and parents - delivered in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast
4 - Mobile solutions - virtual buddy App and virtual Behaviour Analyst App developed in collaboration with the University of Ulster.

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