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Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Network

Until the establishment of the Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Network (NICTN) in 2007, cancer clinical trials had been conducted in Northern Ireland, but were predominantly co-ordinated and conducted in central Belfast, with only a few trials being conducted in isolation at the four Cancer Units spread across the province.

Today, the Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Network (NICTN) aims to deliver the highest quality and standard of care to cancer patients across Northern Ireland through leading edge clinical and translational research.

The NICTN Coordinating Centre (NICTN CC) based at the NI Cancer Centre acts as an enabling technology within CCRCB and facilitates the early phase and translational research activities of the Belfast Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) and all clinical and translational research activities of the Belfast Cancer Research UK Centre. 

Belfast is one of 18 Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC) and one of 15 Cancer Research UK Centres within the UK.

Role of NICTN:
  • To co-ordinate and promote cancer clinical trials, and run the full range of first-in-human phase I to phase IV trials, along with genetic epidemiology, questionnaire, quality of life, translational and other high quality studies.  Clinical trials can be designed locally (investigator-initiated) or adopted as part of a multi-centre study.  Investigator-initiated trials often involve collaboration with other academic groups within local universities or hospitals;
  • To act as the co-ordinating centre for the NICTN. responsible for the co-ordination of cancer clinical trial and translational research activity throughout Northern Ireland, particularly phase III trials and epidemiology studies;
  • To manage an academic early phase clinical trials unit running a portfolio of Cancer Research UK, commercial, academic and local investigator-initiated experimental cancer medicine studies including phase I, II and translational trials. 

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