Radiation Sciences

Professor Alan Hounsell, Lead Investigator

The Radiation Sciences enabling technology group is multidisciplinary having strengths in radiation physics, radiotherapy physics, cell biology, chemistry, radiation biology, neuro-oncology, bladder physiology, pathology, surgery, tissue research and radiation oncology and the membership includes basic scientists, clinical scientists and clinicians. Some aspects of the work are disease specific, particularly around prostate and more recently head and neck cancers with some members also contributing to focus groups such as breast and thoracic oncology. The objectives of the Radiation Sciences enabling technology group are to maximise our input into Radiation Oncology Research and Development by:

  • Developing new collaborative research programmes in radiation science;
  • Maximising the translational opportunities of our research;
  • Inputting into new radiation-based clinical studies at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre;
  • Maximising training opportunities in radiation science;
  • Initiating collaborative projects with CCRCB focus groups and external partners;
  • Profiling radiation-based work at Queen’s University, nationally and internationally.

Our research is focussed in three areas:

  • Advanced radiotherapies where we are developing new biological-based models to increase their efficacy in tumours and protect surrounding normal tissues;
  • Radiation-drug interactions studying interactions between various small molecule agents and radiotherapies and including new approaches with gold nanoparticles;
  • A developing area around radionuclide therapy which includes new approaches targeting radionuclides with multicombinatorial approaches to bone metastasis.