The Gastro-Intestinal Focus Group has established a comprehensive collaboration between basic scientists, clinician scientists, academic clinicians from CCRCB and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (BHSCT), pathologists, bioinformaticians and medicinal chemists. It addresses a number of important clinical problems, both in the early and advanced disease settings.

The main activity in this focus area is on colorectal cancer. Traditionally a basic/translational group, its major goals and achievements to date are the identification of novel targets, in particular for specific molecular subtypes (eg: mutant Kras and mutant Braf), the identification of biomarkers for response to chemotherapy and novel targeted agents and the implementation of both research approaches into novel adaptive clinical trial designs. This significant activity has extended into the clinical research (clinical trials) arena, by leading one of the first early phase, European wide and multicentric clinical trials based on science generated by the group, and supported by European funds to the tune of several million pounds.

Parallel to the long-standing and established research in the CRC arena, the group has started to work in very focused, specific projects in other areas of gastrointestinal oncology, such as oesophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and small bowel cancer.

Members of this group are also involved as clinical or scientific partners in several national and international phase I-III trials and are part of the NCRI colorectal/upper GI clinical studies groups and/or EORTC GI group.

Group Membership

‌ Manuel Salto-Tellez

Sandra Van Schaeybroeck 

 Richard Wilson

 Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez  Dr Sandra Van Schaeybroeck  Dr Richard Wilson
  Chairperson    Chairperson Chairperson
  Dr Aidan Armstrong  Dr Martin Eatock  Dr Maurice Loughrey
  Professor Charles Campbell  Dr Mohamed El-Tanani  Dr Darragh McArt
  Dr Marie Cantwell  Professor Peter Hamilton      Dr Simon McDade
  Dr Declan Carey  Dr┬áJackie James  Dr Damian McManus
  Dr Robbie Carson                  Dr Awais Jalil  Dr Stephen McQuaid
  Dr Mark Catherwood  Dr Brian Johnston  Dr Liam Murray 
  Dr Basak Celtikci  Professor Patrick Johnston   Dr Bode Oladipo
  Dr Helen Coleman  Dr Claire Jones  Dr Colin Purcell
 Dr Graham Cotton   Dr Paul Kelly  Dr Richard Turkington
 Dr Vicky Coyle  Professor Mark Lawler  Professor David Waugh
 Dr Sonali Dasgupta     Dr Jack Lee  Dr Richard Williams
 Dr Philip Dunne  Dr Dan Longley  Dr Shu-Dong Zhang