Prostate and Bladder

Our major focus is to address areas of major clinical unmet need in each disease through inter-disciplinary, project-focused teams comprising cell biologists, radiation biologists, medicinal chemists, pathologists, clinical oncologists and urologists. The objective of the Group is to innovate clinical practice in Genito-Urinary Cancers by increasing the portfolio of trials-based and clinical research activity. Clinical activity is prioritized to projects where there is an unmet clinical need, where we can undertake a national leadership role and where biomarker development or validation is an integral component of the trial design. The clinically-relevant questions that we have adopted in these diseases are:

Prostate Cancer

  • To promote molecularly-stratified approaches that identify high risk patients;
  • To characterize novel therapeutic strategies and accompanying biomarkers for molecular stratified, high-risk groups;
  • To identify increasingly effective treatments of advanced castrate-resistant prostate cancer, especially in the context of bone metastasis;
  • To characterize novel therapeutic strategies and biomarkers of radio-resistant prostate cancers.

 Bladder Cancer

  • To characterize the mechanism of radiation-induced bystander responses in bladder transitional cell carcinoma and normal urothelium;
  • To investigate the mechanisms underpinning toxicity in normal bladder post-irradiation;
  • To characterize novel therapeutic strategies for treatment of radiation-induced bladder dysfunction.

Group Membership


Chairperson: Professor David Waugh

Dr Mark Catherwood                                           Dr Declan O'Rourke
Professor Peter Hamilton Professor Joe O'Sullivan
Professor Richard Kennedy Dr Konstantin Panov
Dr Adrien Kissenpfennig Professor Kevin Prise
Dr Dan Longley Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez
Dr Karen McCloskey Dr Stephen Walker
Dr Paul Mullan Dr Rich Williams