Research Divisions

The CCRCB by nature is an interdisciplinary centre with scientific teams from Biomedical Science, Clinical Medicine (Oncology, Haematology, Pathology and Surgery), Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering and Radiobiology. The hallmark of our research programme is a close collaborative interaction between clinical and laboratory experts that ultimately enhances the quality and scope of our basic and clinical research programmes on cancer. The principal programme within the Centre addresses cell biological aspects of Cancer Cell & Molecular Biology Division. The programme of the Clinical Research Division has a strong clinical translational and clinical trial focus.

Our goals are:

  • to provide an internationally competitive, interdisciplinary research centre of the highest quality;
  • to foster and generate scientific knowledge and to share that knowledge with researchers, clinicians, patients and the public through educational activities, training programmes and publications;
  • to improve patient care through clinical trial research; the translation of applied basic science into the clinical arena;
  • to educate and train future clinical and scientific leaders in biomedical research;
  • to develop strong collaborative interactions with research organisations nationally and internationally;
  • to support commercialisation of our research and accelerate the translation of our discovery to clinical implementation and patient care.