Cancer Cell & Molecular Biology Division

Head of Division: Professor David Waugh
Head of Division: Professor David Waugh

The principal investigators in the Cancer Cell & Molecular Biology division conduct a variety of activities designed to promote basic and clinical research in cancer and other serious diseases. Strong emphasis is placed on the elucidation of the mechanisms of disease and translational research.

Cancer research in the post-genomic era is aimed at the prevention, elimination and modulation of the disease. Key to these aspirations is a deep understanding of the cellular, genetic, epigenetic and molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of cancer and this is reflected in the ongoing research efforts in the Centre. These include (i) basic studies of biological processes such as cell signalling and gene regulation; (ii) the identification of molecular defects responsible for disease; (iii) the identification of molecular signatures of cancer cells; and (iv) translational research concerned with monitoring disease and the identification of drug targets.

New translational technologies are providing useful links in building the bridge between basic science and clinical research for better patient care. In Cancer Cell & Molecular Biology the "Omics Revolution" is clearly in evidence as investigators have embraced advances in genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics molecular imaging and bioinformatics. In particular, microarrays are being used in early disease screening; tumour classification, diagnosis and staging; prediction of outcome to therapy and toxicity; and the identification of novel drug targets.