Clinical Research Division

Head of Division: Professor Joe O'Sullivan
Head of Division: Professor Joe O'Sullivan

The Clinical Research Division (CRD) aims to improve the quality and quantity of clinical cancer research in Belfast. The division provides a forum to encourage collaboration on clinical research between the CCRCB and the Clinical Cancer Centre. The membership of the group includes scientists, NHS and academic clinicians, research nurses and radiographers, pharmacists, medical physicists as well as patient and public involvement (PPI). We passionately believe that clinical research is a fundamental part of a modern comprehensive cancer service and that participation in clinical trials improves the quality of care of our patients. 

The key aims of the CRD are to improve outcomes for our current and future patients by:

  • The clinical Implementation of basic and translational science within CCRCB;
  • The development of early clinical trials (ECTs);
  • Increased participation in NCRN and pharmaceutical industry sponsored trials.

Close collaboration locally with the Clinical Cancer Centre and nationally with CR-UK Centres and the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres Network are integral to our development. The central focus of our translational research programme is to accelerate predictive biomarker discovery and to target discovery and validation for novel and effective therapeutic intervention in cancer. Our clinical trials programme is particularly strong in Prostate, Gastrointestinal and Haematological cancers as well as in radiation therapy.

The Clinical Research Division has a number of key partners including: