Centre for Children's Rights


Prof Laura Lundy
Professor of Education Law and Children's Rights
LL.B, LL.M, PhD,
Barrister at Law

‌‌‌photograph of Dr Bronagh Byrne

Dr Bronagh Byrne
Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Deputy Directors

Lesley Emerson
Dr Karen Winter

Other Members:

Prof David Archard
Dr Pauline Cardwell
Dr Mary-Louise Corr 
Dr Clare Dwyer
Prof Jannette Elwood
Prof Madeleine Leonard
Dr Mark Linden
Dr Katrina Lloyd
Dr Alison Mackenzie
Dr Siobhan McAllister
Dr Karen Orr
Dr Dirk Schubotz
Dr Lisa Smyth
Dr Michelle Templeton
Dr John Topping

Research Students:

Jen Banks
Amy Brown
Lovina Emejulu
Erika Frank
Leanne Henderson
Patricia O'Lynn

News from the Centre for Children's Rights

International visitors learn from local expertise on Child Participation

A delegation from the Taiwan Alliance for the Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare, including its director and five young people, visited our Centre for Children's...

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Researching findings: Experiencing Paramilitarism

Research completed by academics in the Centre for Children’s Rights and University of Nottingham reveals the nature and extent of paramilitary style intimidation, attack and exploitation of...

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New Research Funding Award

The Centre has been awarded funding to examine the transgenerational impacts of the Conflict in Northern Ireland and Border Regions. Led by Clare Dwyer (School of Law), Mary-Louise Corr (SSESW)...

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6th Children's Rights Symposium at Queen's University Belfast

The Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen’s University Belfast is delighted to host the 6th Children’s Rights Research Symposium (CRRS) for...

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Participation for Protection - project update

The Centre’s Participation for Protection (P4P) project, led by Siobhán McAlister, now has a new website that contains information and updates about the project and blog pieces...

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