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The resources below cover aspects of the role of children’s rights in developing services for children (available from Improving Children Lives initiative)

1. The following videos provide an overview of the application of a children’s rights-based approach to research designed to inform the development of an after-schools service for children:

Julie Healy, Barnardo's, discusses a children's rights based programme development within Barnardo's Ready to Learn Initiative

Laura Lundy, School of Education, discusses the reasons for using a children's rights based approach when designing, implementing and evaluating children's services

Lesley McEvoy (Emerson)'s, School of Education, presentation focuses on work done with children themselveswithin the context of developing Barnardo's Ready to Learn Initiative.

Concluding remarks from Julie Healy on the Barnardo's Ready To Learn Initiative

2. In this presentation, Professor Laura Lundy, School of Education, Queen's University Belfast, discusses the need for Child Rights-Based Indicators and Outcomes and defines the term 'rights-based.

3. In this presentation, Professor Paul Connolly, Head of School, School of Education, outlines the research and evidence base of outcomes based planning – in the context of a rights-based approach to education

Research Seminar Videos:

‘Its about relationships: Valuing Children and Young Peoples Perspectives on emotional wellbeing’

Video of Centre for Childrens Rights seminar on 12th December 2013,


'Why Childrens Rights matter'

Video of 26th November 2013, 'Why Childrens Rights matter',
Speaker John Tobin Melbourne University, to view click here

'Children's Rights and Wellbeing'

Video of 24th June 2014, 'Children's Rights and Wellbeing', Keynote Speakers:

Ferran Casas presentation click here
Helen Stalford presentation click here

PDF of 24th June 2014, 'Children's Rights and Wellbeing', Presentations:

Ferran Casas PDF of presentation click here further presentation The ISCWeB international research project click here
Helen Stalford PDF of presentation click here
Lesley Emerson and Katrina Lloyd PDF of presentation here

Further information:
Event Flyer and Programme here

Online Training Resources

We are in the process of developing online training materials on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child aimed at professionals working with and for children.