Current Projects

Title: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Day of General Discussion 2018
Description: The Centre for Children's Rights is working with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and Child Rights Connect and its international network, to support a child rights-based approach to children’s participation at the Committee's September DGD on child human rights defenders. The format of the DGD, the implementation of the day itself, and the follow-up processes, will be developed in cooperation with an internationally gathered Children’s Advisory Group. A worldwide consultation will be held with children to inform a concept note for the DGD about their experiences as child human rights defenders, and to better understand: their role, barriers and risks, and what the children tell us they need from adults in relation to support, information, safeguards and protections, to be empowered to be human rights defenders. We will create; a Child-Friendly Version of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders to inform children on their rights as child human rights defenders,and a Child-Friendly Version of the DGD (2018) concept note to inform children on the purpose of the DGD and how to get involved in the discussions on the day – 28th September 2018.

Research Team: Dr Michelle Templeton, Prof Laura Lundy
Funder: Child Rights Connect
Duration: Sept 2017 – Sept 2018

Acceptability and usefulness of ‘My Healthcare Passport’ to young people with life-limiting conditions
Description: The Centre for Children’s Rights is working with colleagues in the School of Nursing to examine experiences of young people with life-limiting conditions using patient-held records. The study focuses on rights-based participatory methods with young people.

Research Team: Dr Pete O’Halloran, Dr Bronagh Byrne, Dr Jayne Price, Dr Dorry McLaughlin and Professor Max Watson
Funder: Marie Curie
Duration: 2016-2018

Title: Rights of children with disabilities and the digital environment
Description: The Centre for Children’s Rights is working with international colleagues to examine children with disabilities’ views and experiences of their rights in an online environment under the light of the three “P’s” of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (participation, protection and provision).  Working with children and adults in advisory groups, it will develop participatory activities that will capture the experiences of children with a range of disabilities across four European countries.  It will produce recommendations on best practices for governments, professionals working with children, parents and the corporate sector; as well as child friendly versions of the report accessible to all the groups of children taking part.

Research Team: Professor Laura Lundy, Dr Bronagh Byrne, Dr Michelle Templeton and Gerison Lansdown
Funder: Council of Europe
Duration: 2017-2018

Title: Participation for Protection’ (P4P)
Description: The project is aimed at enhancing child-centred approaches to victims of violence, and raising children’s understanding of reporting mechanisms and support structures. The project will consult with over 1000 children and young people across the partner countries on the theme ‘what makes good support and service responses?’.  This consultation includes school children and specific groups at risk of, or already experiencing violence, including: children in care, children in detention/in conflict with the law, Roma children, children living in high conflict communities, child migrants and refugees, and child victims of domestic violence.

Research team: Katrina Lloyd, Laura Lundy, Siobhan McAlister, Michelle Templeton and Karen Winter (with partners Include Youth)
Funder: European Commission
Duration: Dec 2017-Dec 2019


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