S.A.S.H Great War Project
2nd July 2018 10am - 4pm
The Spectrum Centre, 331 Shankill Road
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S.A.S.H ‘Great War Project’

‘To Remember is to Honour’

Project Launch and Digital Roadshow Bring your WWI objects and share your stories with the project team. The project invites you to explore your WW1 ancestors, to record and preserve their stories and memorabilia. If you have family letters, photographs, diaries or other objects from the war, please bring them along.

Click here for more infomation.

2018-07-02 # SASH Great War Project - Flyer

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Updated 20th June 2018
Battlebags and Blimps
30th June 2018 11am - 4pm
Carrickfergus Town Hall, Carrickfergus
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Carrickfergus Museum and Living Legacies 1914-1918 invite you to explore your WWI ancestors, to record and preserve their stories and memorabilia for the future. Bring your WWI objects and stories to Carrickfergus Town Hall on 30 June 11am-4pm.

Join us for a day filled with displays and activities, and with our Green Screen, you too can have a photo taken at the Bentra Aerodrome!

T: 028 9335 8241

Click here for the event page on the Antrim council website.

2018-06-30 # Battlebags and blimps‌‌‌

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Updated News 8th May 2018

The Digital Heritage and Engagement team at Living Legacies are always looking at new ways to use technology to share work on World War One. We are particularly interested in Virtual and Augmented reality technology. Virtual reality creates a totally new environment which a user would normally experience using a headset. Augmented reality uses your existing environment and overlays computer-generated information. Many of you will have seen some of the 3D scans of WW1 artefacts developed by the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis for National Museums Northern Ireland where on a standard phone, tablet or computer screen you can view objects which appear to be in 3D. See for an example.

2018/05/08 # HyperphotosWe are currently testing ‘hyperphotos’ which are small photos which when viewed on a phone or tablet play a video associated with the picture. We include an example in the Newsletter. To view this in virtual reality you’ll need to download the Lifeprint Photos App available for Apple and Android phones. Just visit the relevant app store and search for the app. There’s no need to register to use the app. Once downloaded just click on the option to view a photo and watch the Newsletter hyperphoto come to life. We think many community projects will be interested in this technology as a new way of engaging with the public.

Matterport 3D Photography

Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis at QUB (Click here to view full screen)

Supported by Peter McCready - Utilising cutting-edge True3D/VR structured-light scanning and associated cloud-processing technologies in order to digitally capture and reconstruct a fully navigable, immersive and thoroughly engaging ’3D Space’ of the Centre’s IT laboratory (with conventional 360 degree panoramas for the exterior), fully explorable via web browser using any modern desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device or via integrated virtual reality using Samsung/Oculus GearVR, Google Daydream or Google Cardboard. Features will include an ‘Inside View’ allowing visitors to move fluidly around the almost as if they were really there, a proprietary ‘Dollhouse View’ for a total sense of the space, a ‘Floorplan View’ for an orthogonal, top-down perspective and ’Mattertag Posts’ anchored to points in the 3D model facilitating the addition of the Centre’s services and project supplied hyper linkable text descriptions, photos, videos or audio files. In short, a 3D walkthrough experience like no other, more examples can be seen below:

Belfast Room in the Ulster Museum (NMNI) (Click here to view full screen)

Belfast of the Ulster Museum (NMNI) (Click here to view full screen)


08_03_2018 Digitising Scotland Website‌‌Digitising Scotland
Latest News March 2018 ‘Digitising Scotland’ Project

Please see the launch of the digitising Scotland project website - sharing recent news, the project blog and twitter site. It also gives information on the research potential from this valuable dataset.

Please click here to vist the webpage

Also to read more about the continued excellent work carried out by
our transcription supplier Mobius follow the link below.

Please click here to visit the webpage


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