Services and Outputs


  • Digitisation and image management expertise
  • Funding application assistance - Project support
  • Tendering and service procurement support
  • Preservation assessment of delicate material
  • Feasibility and pilot studies
  • Digitisation workflow assessment
  • Systems and infrastructure specification
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Sustainability of digital resources advice
  • Sustainability model development
  • Research and development
  • Transcription from a variety of printed sources


  • Digital scanning of photographs, printed text, manuscripts and maps
  • Digitisation of microfilm and microfiche
  • Digital image manipulation and enhancement
  • Optical Character Recognition scanning (text and numeric data extraction from documents)
  • Optical Recognition Scanning of completed text - For example multilingual context with unique Unicode's/symbols i.e. Gaelic, Irish, Yiddish, French, German etc
  • Post-processing and reformatting Optical Character Recognition material into multiple formats
  • Quality control of text and numeric data (Pre-agreed service levels up to 100 per cent accuracy levels
  • Quantative analysis of numeric data
  • Development of metadata, XML and HTML mark-up
  • Scanning and post-processing of 3D objects from small artefacts to building and landscapes using multiple image capture techniques - please view 3D Technologies
  • Database and Web design
  • Application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - please view GIS Research Unit