3D Technologies

Some of the latest and most innovative forms of scanning are the use of 3D techniques. The Centre has seen an exponential rise in both its own grant applications using the technology, and in partner applications from both public and private sectors. Accordingly we have invested considerable resources into the hardware and software required to apply the various information capture techniques described below. As ever, the Centre does not only rely on technology, but a key component of our work is investment in staff and their associated expertise. The following sections identified members of our wider group who are expert in specific 3D scanning technologies.

Different types of hardware and software are best suited to different artefacts – ranging from for example a small medal to a large building. The technologies described below give a flavour of the approaches best suited to specific projects. The Centre is built on the foundations of collaboration and we invite you to contact Elaine Reid, Project Manager to discuss potential applications of this exciting technology.

Konica Minolta Vi9i – Laser Triangulation System

SfM Structure from Motion 3D Scanning

360 Degree Scanning