The Centre is at the heart of a thriving research culture encompassing a broad spectrum of interests. The nine members of academic staff currently affiliated with the Centrehave recognised expertise in the areas of European Union Politics and Policy, Comparative European Politics, Modern European History, European Cultural Identities, European Law, International Relations, and International Political Economy. The current research of members of the Centre encompasses such topics as: Confessional Identity in Early Modern Europe; Regionalism and Minority Nationalism in the EU; EU Law and Enlargement; Enlargement and EU Constitutional Reform Processes; EU Competition Policy; the Politics of the European Human Rights Regime; Social and Constitutional Norms in World Politics; Globalisation and Global Financial Governance; and the Post-War History of European Integration and Transatlantic Relations. Members of the Centre are currently involved in a number of major collaborative research projects and international research networks, including participation in the EU Fifth Framework Programme on ‘The European Union and Border Conflicts’ ( ) and the EU Sixth Framework Programme on ‘Efficient and Democratic Government in a Multilevel Europe’ ( ).

A substantial cohort of postgraduate research students are affiliated with the Centre and actively participate in the full range of activities organised under its auspices. Recently completed PhD theses have explored such topics as the role of the Eurogroup as a deliberative forum in the setting of European economic policy; the impact of differing federal political arrangements on national higher education policy; and the representation of regional interests in the European Union, using Northern Ireland as a case study. Current PhD theses cover a wide range of topics concerned with aspects of EU policy, law and enlargement, as well as with broader processes of ‘Europeanisation’.

The Centre’s research activities include a regular seminar series, as well as hosting two prestigious, international on-line paper series. The Queen's Papers on Europeanisation contribute to the theoretical development and empirical exploration of 'Europeanisation' in a way that straddles disciplines and facilitates a dialogue between contending perspectives. The Constitutionalism Web-Papers (ConWEB) publish work in progress on constitutionalism and governance beyond the state. The 2004-05 academic year also saw the launch of the Queen’s European Studies Workshops, which regularly brought together interdisciplinary groups of scholars for the intensive exploration of selected themes.