Summer Studentships

**Announcing Cii Summer Studentship Research Programme 2015**

The CII Summer Research Programme provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in laboratory-based research during the summer months.  Each participant will be assigned to a discovery research project in the laboratory of a Principal Investigator (see projects below). Students will work as part of an enthusiastic research team comprising postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, PhD students and/or technicians.  The projects will run for a specified 8-week period (22/06/2015- 14/08/2015) and students will work in the laboratory from Monday to Friday on a full-time basis. Students will also attend social, career and research events. At the end of the programme, students will present their work in a short talk at our Summer Studentship Research Symposium.

Students currently enrolled for Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry or a related discipline who will have completed at least one year of full-time study by summer 2015 are eligible to apply.  Several funded studentships will be available; these typically pay a student stipend of £150 per week for 8 weeks. In addition, students that have secured an externally-funded summer studentship from a funding body (e.g. Wellcome Trust, Society for General Microbiology, etc.) with a host lab in Cii will be enrolled in this programme. In some circumstances, students that are volunteering on a full-time basis with a Cii research group may also be eligible to enrol.

To maximise your competitiveness for a studentship, it is strongly recommended that you identify a Principal Investigator (PI) in Cii that you would like to work with and arrange 'agreement in principle' that they will host you in their group. Details of funded projects are available (follow link below for Summer studentship projects 2015) but check back for any additional projects that may be approved for funding up to 16/02/2015.

Details of other PIs and their research areas can be found in the staff pages of the Cii website.


 Students from all Universities and countries are welcome to apply.

The application process is now open with a deadline of 5PM Feb 20th 2015. To apply, click on the link to download the application form below. Complete the form as instructed and submit to with your CV and your Jan 2015 exam results (specific details of file formats and names provided in the application form - these MUST be adhered to our your applciation will be rejected).

Student Application form Cii Summer Studentship Programme 2015
Cii Summer Student Projects 2015