The Dib Group

My main research interest is signal transduction in human neutrophils.

My research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms by which ligands (chemokines, chemoattracatnts, vasoamines) acting on Gi protein-coupled receptors, regulate adhesion receptors in neutrophils including beta2 integrins and L-selectin. These adhesion receptors are key regulators of neutrophil adhesion and migration as well as inflammatory functions. My research has an impact on the general understanding of the regulation of leukocyte functions during the immune response.

Beside basic research, I have also developed research projects aimed at understanding the role played by histamine and the H4R in the pathogenesis of respiratory and periodontal diseases. The research projects will have an impact on the therapeutic strategy for the treatment of neutrophilic-driven pathologies. Targeting the H4R in neutrophils or enzymes which metabolise histamine are clearly novel strategies to block the anti-microbial effects of histamine in neutrophils.