The Heaney Group

Prof Liam Heaney

Prof Liam Heaney has developed a research programme in "difficult to manage asthma".   His programme spans the entire spectrum from clinical assessment and management to the develpment of novel biomarkers and translational therapeutics.   This patient group represents ca 10% of adult asthmatics but utilises ca 60% of asthma spend in developed countries with repeated unscheduled healthcare contact and represent a major unmet clinical need.

Work completed by the Heaney group at Queen's has developed and validated a multi-disciplinary systematic assessment / management model in difficult asthma, which has informed best practice in National and Internation Asthma Guidelines.

The group has active research programmes in

  • Non-adherence in Difficult Asthma
  • Developing novel molecular and physiological markers to identify non-adherence
  • Developing biomarkers for steroid resistance and exposure
  • Regulatory importance of SOCS molecules in Th2 immune responses and disease
  • Cell modelling

Prof Heaney works closely with industry, running a UK multi-centre intervention study using novel monitoring technology.  He also pioneered non-bronchoscopic sampling of paediatric airways, and leads on the BTS Difficult Asthma patient registry.