The McAuley Group

Prof Danny McAuley

 My research strategy has 2 major themes focusing on acute lung injury (ALI) and clinical trials.

The focus of my research strategy in ALI is to identify and investigate potential novel therapeutic agents in ALI in both a scientific programme and in phase 2 clinical trials to inform subsequent phase 3 clinical trials.

I am currently the Chief Investigator of a phase 2/3 multi-centre RCT investigating the role of statins and a phase 2 single centre RCT of keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) in ALI.

The aim of the groups translational research programme in ALI is to identify a pipeline of potential candidate therapies (eg nanoparticles, aspirin) in clinically relevant models of ALI (currently human model of ALI induced by inhaled LPS in healthy volunteers and in future using the human ex-vivo lung perfusion model) to be tested in subsequent clinical trials. This work identified statins and KGF. I am also developing links with pharma to test novel molecules which they have available. In the future I am increasingly trying to use data generated from our scientific work (eg elafin and oncostatin M) to inform this translational work.

My other main research interest is phase 2/3 clinical trials in the critically ill. My main areas of interest in this area are sepsis and nosocomial infection, mechanical ventilation, rehabilitation and delirium in critical illness. Related to this work is a programme to improve design of phase 2/3 trials in relation to identifying the most appropriate surrogate outcomes for phase 2 studies as well as improve the reporting of core outcomes in phase 3 trials.

Prof McAuley is Director of the NI Clinical Trials Unit and Acting Director of the Wellcome Trust Wolfson Clinical Research Facility.