The McGarvey Group

Dr Lorcan McGarvey

 The McGarvey group has a programme of research focused on the clinical and basic science aspects of airways disease.

Using a number of in vitro and ex vivo cell models (airway epithelial, neuronal and smooth muscle cells) they are investigating the expression and functional characteristics of novel ion channels located in the airways of asthmatic and cough patients. Specific interest centres on the novel transient receptor potential (TRP) family of ion channels responsible for airway nociceptive response to respiratory viral infection and physical and inhaled chemical irritants. This programme will help identify novel targets for the treatment of acute and chronic cough.

In collaboration with the Lundy group, and using innovative techniques, they have been able to differentiate peripheral neurones (with cell bodies) from human dental pulp stems cells (DPSCs) and are now using these to establish a novel human neuronal model for mechanistic studies on airway neural responses (e.g. cough and bronchospasm) which in partnership with industry will enable screening of novel therapeutics.

Continuing a strong theme of airways disease, Dr McGarvey established the Premature Adult Lung Study (PALS) group , a multidisciplinary team of clinical researchers currently undertaking a research programme to comprehensively evaluate the impact of preterm neonatal lung disease (bronchopulmonary dysplasia) in adult life. A key objective of PALS is to understand early life origins of chronic lung disease (in particular COPD).