The Schneiders Group


Research Focus 

Since antimicrobial resistance is a significant issue in both the hospital and community settings, our group at QUB has a programme of research focussed on clinically relevant bacteria that are evolving and reemerging as multidrug resistant pathogens with few available therapeutic options. We are interested in the intrinsic molecular mechanisms that govern the multidrug resistance phenotype in the major nosocomial pathogens Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacter spp. Specifically the research focuses on the role of AraC-family proteins, with an emphasis on the ram and rarA loci. As such, understanding the “genomic makeup”, genetic regulation and phenotypic roles of these loci within these pathogens is necessary to determine the development, evolution and maintenance of antibiotic resistance.


Our lab was recently featured in an Ulster TV report on the increase in antibiotic resistance.