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TitleJournal NameYear
Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP 1 (Epac1) is expressed in human neutrophils and mediates cAMP-dependent activation of the monomeric GTPase Rap1 Journal of Leukocyte Biology Vol 90 (741-749)  DOI   2011
USP17 Regulates Ras Activation and Cell Proliferation by Blocking RCE1 Activity Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol 284 (9587-9595)  DOI   2009
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Down-regulation of Rac Activity during beta 2 Integrin-mediated Adhesion of Human Neutrophils Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol 278(26) (24181-24188)  DOI   2003
Wnt-5a and G-protein signaling are required for collagen-induced DDR1 receptor activation and normal mammary cell adhesion. International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer Vol 103(3) (344-351)  DOI 2003
Role of p190RhoGAP in beta2 Integrin Regulation of RhoA in Human Neutrophils Journal of Immunology Vol 166 (10) (6311-6322)    2001
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