Staff Profile

Research Statement

My research interests focus on the role of intrinsic mechanisms in mediating antibiotic resistance in bacteria. In this regard we study the genetic regulation and phenotypic effects of transcriptional loci such as marRAB, ramA that control pleiotrophic phenotypes within bacteria. The key aim of our research is to ascertain the effects of these transcription factors in promoting the emergence and development of antibiotic resistance. Specifically we study the ramA locus in Enterobacteriaceae by using both transcriptomic and proteomic approaches in order to determine the effects of overexpression or deletion of these loci in multidrug resistance bacteria. However our research is not limited to the ramRA locus and we are actively pursuing the role of intrinsic mechanisms in other clinically relevant pathogens. We also collaborate externally with researchers in the UK, Germany, Pakistan.


We are continually looking to expand and invite any enquiries about our research or positions in the laboratory.