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Virology Genetically modified organims Avian influenza MMR vaccine bioterrorism

TitleJournal NameYear
Measles virus superinfection immunity and receptor redistribution in persistently infected NT2 cells Journal of General Virology Vol 86(8) (2291-2303)  DOI   2005
Analysis of receptor (CD46, CD150) usage by measles virus Journal of General Virology Vol 83(6) (1431-1436)    2002
Modulating the Function of the Measles Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase by Insertion of Green Fluorescent Protein into the Open Reading Frame Journal of Virology Vol 76(14) (7322-7328)  DOI 2002
Recombinant Measles Viruses Expressing Altered Hemagglutinin (H) Genes: Functional Separation of Mutations Determining H Antibody Escape from Neurovirulence Journal of Virology Vol 75(16) (7612-7620)  DOI 2001