Prof WG Graham
Prof M Borghesi
Prof CLS Lewis

Prof D Riley
Prof ID Williams
Prof M Zepf


  Dr FJ Currell  

Senior Lecturer

  Dr J Greenwood



Dr TA Field
Dr M Geissler

Dr I Kourakis
Dr B Dromey

Honorary Visiting Professor

  Prof KR Stalder  

Professor Emeritus

  Prof CJ Latimer

Prof RW McCullough

EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship


Dr B Dromey


EPSRC Fellowship for research at life-science interfaces


Dr CR Calvert


Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship


Dr G Sarri


Research Fellows

  Dr D Doria
Dr TW Dzelzainis
Dr S Kar
Dr G Nersisyan
Dr K Niemi
Dr J Santos Sousa
Dr S Ter-Avetisyan

Technical Staff

  Dr D Marlow  

PhD students

For the e-mail addresses "" has to be added afterwards

The phone numbers given are the 4 digit extensions to the
univeristy phone number     0044 (0)28 9097    XXXX

Name E-Mail
Phone Extension
  Mr W Adress wadress01 1275      
  Mr H Ahmed hahmed02 1274      
  Mr Q Algwari qnajim03 1275
  Ms L Belshaw lbelshaw01 1271
  Ms L Cox lcox04 1275
  Mr M Duffy mduffy32 1271
  Ms Leigh Graham lgraham15 1267
  Ms Lucy Graham lgraham16  
  Mr A Greb agreb01 1275
  Mr S Haughey shaughey08 1275
  Ms KF Kakolee kkakolee01 1275
  Ms O Kelly okelly04 1271
  Mr CP Kelsey ckelsey01 1275
  Mr R King rking05 1271
  Mr K McKeever kmckeever05 1275
  Mr HN McQuaid hmcquaid01 1271
  Mr M Muir mmuir01 1271
  Ms E Nedanovska enedanovska01 1275
  Mr C O'Neill coneill96 1275
  Mr R Prasad rprasad01 1274
  Mr KE Quinn kquinn09 1274
  Mr L Schaper lschaper01 1275
  Ms S Sultana ssultana02 1274
  Mr V Senthil v.senthil 1271
  Mr S White swhite06 1274
  Mr M Zaka-ul Islam mzakaulislam01 1275      


Early Stage Researcher

  Ms E-A Muntean  

Elena-Andra Muntean

Visting Researcher

  Ms L Nemcova