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Anna Gavin

Dr Anna Gavin

Clinical Reader

Phone: +44 (0)28 906 32573

For media contact email
or call +44(0)2890 973091.


1. The impact of cancer screening on health. The impact of PSA testing on Prostate Cancer Epidemiology and men's health - grant from UK Prostate Cancer Charity for work in this area. Breast cancer screening by mammography.

2. The epidemiology of skin cancer especially malignant melanoma.

3. The impact of cancer plans on changing cancer services. To this end the Registry regularly reviews patterns of care for the major cancers in N. Ireland - See NICR reports.

4. Benchmarking of cancer survival internationally.


Founding Director N. Ireland Cancer Registry & Part-time Information and Analysis Lead, National Cancer Intelligence Network of the National Cancer Research Institute .

Research Statement

I direct the work of the N. Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR) which assimilates and collates data on cancers and pre-malignant conditions in N. Ireland for research, education and planning of services. The NICR has several active research programmes:

1. The impact of PSA testing on prostate cancer epidemiology and men's healt.

2. The reasons for a hospital vs home death for cancer patients.

3. The effect of cancer plans on the delivery of cancer services.

4. Improving early diagnosis of cancer.

The NICR cooperates with the National Cancer Registry of Ireland to produce All Ireland Cancer Epidemiology reports and peer reviewed publications.

I am the N. Ireland lead for the Internal Cancer Benchmarking Partnership and was responsible for ensuring N. Ireland was included in this project examining differences in cancer survival across European, Australian and Canadian jurisdictions.


1. Lead Health & Social Care Module Masters in Public Health, QUB.

2. Cancer Epidemiology - input to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year curriculum medical undergraduates.

3. Input to Post Graduate Nursing Curriculum.

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