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Jane McEneny

Dr Jane McEneny

Senior Lecturer

Direct phone: +44 (0)28 906 32517

For media contact email
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My main research interests concerns the modulation of lipoproteins (chylomicrons, very low, intermediate, low and high density lipoproteins) by dietary supplements, whole foods and exercise. This research is carried out in both healthy and disease states, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease.


Chair of the Centre for Public Health's safety committee (2009 - present).

Core group member of multiple mini interview committee (2011 - present)

memeber of the School of medicine's safety committee (2006 - present).

Member of the Nutrition and Metabolism's management committee (2005 - present).

Member of SWAN sub-committee (2009 - present).

STEM (science, engineering, technology and mathematics) Ambassador

Involved in Nuffield work experience programme.

Belfast Ambassador

Research Statement

In May 2009 I was appointed as a Lecturer in Medicine within the Centre for Public Health at Queen's University Belfast, having previously been a Senior Research Officer within the Centre for 8 years.

My research interests have mainly focused on lipoproteins in health and disease and their modulation by lifestyle interventions.

I have been involved in many studies, several of which I have secured funding:

One of these studies identified that a high fat meal modulated lipoprotein subfractions (VLDL, LDL and HDL), this work was funded by a research grant from R&D office NI.

Another study identified that the presence of obesity in an adolescent population provoked proatherogenic changes to HDL. This work was funded by the DEL All Island Fund.

A third study, funded by a research grant from the Foods Standards Agency, was able to identify that increased fruit and vegetable intake modulated the release of the inflammatory marker serum amyloid A (SAA). This in turn led to a reduction in the association between SAA and HDL, ultimately enhancing HDL's antiatherogenic properties.

Current investigations include i) does SAA and HDL functionality correlate with cardiac CT and calcium scores, funded by a research grant from Heart Research UK and ii) is HDL functionality modulated to a more antiatherogenic form by exercise intervention, this work is funded by a research grant from Chest, Heart and Stroke.


Internal examiner for 2 PhD students from 2009 -present.

External MD (UCL) and PhD (UCD) examiner.

Core group member of the Multiple Mini Interview selection committee from April 2011.

Currently supervising (2012) 2 PhD students and 1 Masters student.

Supervised the following undergraduate students since 2009:

2009-2010, primary supervisor to 1 intercalated student and 3 BMedSci students , plus second supervisor to 1 student .

2010-2011, primary supervisor to 1 intercalated, plus co-supervisor of a second intercalated student. Also primary supervisor to 3 BMedSci students.

2011-2012, primary supervisor to 1 intercalated student, plus one BMedSci student. Also primary supervisor to 1 MRes student.

2012-2013, primary supervisor to 2 BMedSci students and one MRes student.

Teach on several core teaching modules:

1. Physiological Basis of Clinical Practice

  • Lecture to 300 undergraduate second year medical and dental students, 1st semester.

2. Genes, Molecules and Process and Processes, Clinical Foundation 1

  • Lecture to 250 undergraduate first year medical students, 1st semester.

3. DEN1001

  • Lecture to approximately 70 first year dental students, 1st semester.

4. Examiner for 1st year medical students oral presentations (20 students).

5. BMS3025 in Clinical Biochemistry

  • Lecture to approximately 70 third year undergraduate science students, 2nd semester.

Teach on several special study modules including 3rd year clinical nutrition and clinical sciences students:

1. Cardiovascular risk in Diabetes

  • Lecture to 25 third year undergraduate medical students, 1st semester. 10 hours; teaching, preparation, exam setting and marking.

2. Clinical Nutrition SCM3001

3. Clinical Science 110 BMS308

Honorary lecturer for the University of Ulster, teaching Masters students.

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