CPH Management Group 2012/13

Professor Ian Young, Director
Professor Frank Kee, Deputy Director
Professor Mike Clarke, Director of the Methodology Hub
Mrs Niamh McElherron, Centre  Manager
Mr Cyril McMaster, Chief Technician
Professor Peter Maxwell, Renal
Dr Amy-Jayne McKnight, CPH Associate Director of Postgraduate Education
Professor Liam Murray, Cancer Epidemiology and Health Services Research
Dr Jayne Woodside, Nutrition and Metabolism 

Times and venue: 
Seminar Room, Third Floor, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Block B as follows:

Thursday 6th December at 1.00pm
Tuesday 18th December at 11.30am
Friday 4th January at 1.00pm
Wednesday 16th January at 12.30pm
Friday 15th February at 1.00pm
Friday 1st March at 1.00pm
Wednesday 27th March at 1.00pm
Wednesday 10th April at 1.00pm
Friday 26th April at 1.00pm
Monday 27th May at 8.00am - note 2nd floor seminar room
Tuesday 11th June at 12.30pm  - note 2nd floor seminar room
Wednesday 26th June at 1.00pm