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Socio-pschological Processes of Intergroup Reconciliation

DATE: Monday 9th June 2014
TIME: 4pm
VENUE: Old Staff Common Room, Lanyon Building, QUB
GUEST SPEAKER: Dr Sabina Cehajic-Clancy
This is an open and free event but for numbers please RSVP to, Refreshments provided.

As a social psychologist I have been examining processes pertinent for understanding and facilitating intergroup reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2004. More specifically, I have been looking at processes of acknowledgment of responsibility, intergroup forgiveness, collective emotions and recently also at what effects apology and reparation offer as well as intergroup contact. My methodological approach ranges from qualitative to experimental using various strategies including films.

In this talk I would like to present my major findings and share my insights into how to restore damaged intergroup relations in post-conflict societies. My talk will consist of three parts. In the first part, I will talk about how people deal with the knowledge that members of their group have committed grave atrocities against others. More specifically, I will accentuate the importance of acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility and which factors might facilitate this rare psychological phenomenon.
Then I will proceed to talk about group-based emotions of guilt and shame and their role for intergroup reconciliation. I will present findings on implications of guilt and shame as felt by perpetrator group members as well as their effects on victim group members. Finally, I will talk about the importance of intergroup contact and ways to facilitate its positive effects on intergroup relations in post-conflict settings.

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