First meeting of international networks in Belfast

With colleagues from Bosnia and Hergezovina, Croatia and the Republic of Macedonia, the Centre for Shared Education is developing a series of networks to explore and advance shared education within divided societies. The networks include stakeholders whose work contributes to peacebuilding through the promotion of intergroup contact and intercultural dialogue in education. Drawing on the experience of the shared education model in Northern Ireland, these networks will consider how best to promote more positive intergroup relations in participant contexts.

The first stage of this ESRC-sponsored project brought together the networks for a three day symposium in Belfast, Northern Ireland, at the end of April 2017. Over the course of the three days, participants visited shared education school partnerships and had the opportunity for engagement with the key stakeholders involved in the mainstreaming of shared education. Subsequent stages will involve the development of in-country interventions and an associated research and evaluation proposal.



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Joanne Hughes keynote address in Moscow

Professor Joanne Hughes, UNESCO Chair and Director of the Centre for Shared Education, delivers a keynote address at the City of Moscow University, where an international conference on Education and Tolerance for the Multicultural Society is taking place between 14-16 February.  The international conference, sponsored by the Tempus Programme of the European Union, brings together academics, practitioners and public sector officials from countries across Europe to explore issues relating to cross-cultural communication and integration. Joanne’s talk focused on the shared education model in Northern Ireland and efforts to develop similar initiatives in other divided regions. 

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