Turkey on federalization of Iraq (2003)

Suggested Citation: Neophytos G. Loizides, Greek-Turkish Negotiations and Crises 1983-2003 Dataset , Queen's University Belfast (available online at http://www.qub.ac.uk/research-centres/CentrefortheStudyofEthnicConflict/TeachingResearch/Datasets/Greek-TurkishNegotiationsandCrises1983-2003/#d.en.173636)

Case Summary:

This case study examines Turkey’s crisis behavior over Northern Iraq in March 2003. The US invasion might fuel Kurdish nationalists within Turkey’s border,[i]Lexis/Nexis provides 84 results for the terms “Turkish invasion” and “ Iraq ” for the period 3/15/2003 to 4/15/2003 (full text search under European News Sources).

Case Study Features

Effectiveness of Offensive Policies: 0

Turkey loses US support after its refusal to allow American troops in the country.[iv]

Offensive vs. Defensive Signals Indistinguishable: 1

While Kurdish guerrillas in Turkey declare a unilateral cease-fire in 1999, the situation in Northern Iraq, where Kurdish groups fight against the repressive Saddam regime, is still tense. Since the first Gulf War, Turkish policymakers fear that a federated Kurdish entity in Iraq might become a model for the Kurds of Turkey in seeking their own autonomous status. International observers recognize the validity of these concerns.[vi]

Enduring Ethnic Rivalries : 1

Rivalries result from PKK activities since the mid-1980s.

Domestic Challenges : 1

The Kemalist establishment creates problems in the election of PM Tayyip Erdogan.[vii]


Confrontational Policies (dependent variable): 0

Despite earlier threats, Turkey does not intervene in Iraq .[viii]

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