Spain 6 December 1978

Theme /Question

To endorse or reject the draft Constitution that would replace the constitutional laws of the Francoist period (1939-1975) and the consolidation of a Parliamentary Monarchy. 

The question was framed as ‘Do you approve the draft Constitution?’

Supporters vs. Opponents

The government – Democratic Centre (UCD) – launched an expensive campaign for approval. Also, both parties of the left, the Communist party (PCE) and the Socialist Party (PSOE), vocally supported the new Constitution.

Certain sectors of the Popular Alliance (AP) and the Right campaigned for abstention or ‘no’ vote, highlighting the dangers for the territorial integrity of Spain.


The result showed that 15,706,078 million Spaniards (87,87%) approved the draft Constitution, while only 7,83% (1,400,505) voted ‘no’. The turnout reached 67,11% (17,873,271).

Other relevant information

The turnout in the regions of Galicia and the Basque Country deviated from the nationwide level, reaching 50,2% and 45,5%, respectively.

The new Constitution recognized the existence of Regions and Nationalities and their right to self-government.

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