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Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

ISCTSJ connects the perspectives of all those who seek to contribute to conflict transformation and social justice – from the insights of world leading researchers to the experience of practitioners, policy makers, politicians and activists.  It strives to create dialogue within which all voices can be heard and to underpin the pursuit of peace through world class research.

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Planning for Spatial Reconciliation

Launched in January 2012, the research project “Planning for Spatial Reconciliation” is targeted towards the shaping of a new planning model that promotes an open, pluralist and shared society as a central feature of future legislation, policy and practice.

Planning for Spatial Reconciliation website


Conflict in Cities

The 'Conflict in Cities and the Contested State’ project seeks to understand divided cities as arenas of intensified ethno-national conflicts, particularly with respect to the role that architecture and the urban fabric play as a setting and background for everyday activities and events.

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  • Belfast, Northern Ireland

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