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Prof. John Morrow
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E-mail: dj dot morrow at ee dot qub dot ac dot uk
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Recent Publications (2016 onwards)


Journal Papers

  1. Zhao, X., Laverty, D., McKernan, A., Morrow, D., McLaughlin, K. & Sezer, S., GPS Disciplined Analogue to Digital Converter for Phasor Measurement Applications (2017), 

  2. Abdulkarim, A., Abdelkader, S. M., Morrow, D. J., Falade, A. J., Lawan, A. U. & Iswadi, H. R., Effect of weather and the hybrid energy storage on the availability of standalone microgrid (2016), , Vol. 6

  3. Martin Almenta, M., Morrow, D., Best, R., Fox, B. & Foley, A., An analysis of wind curtailment and constraint at a nodal level (2016), 

  4. Liu, X., Kennedy, J. M., Laverty, D. M., Morrow, D. J. & McLoone, S., Wide-Area Phase-Angle Measurements for Islanding Detection - An Adaptive Nonlinear Approach (2016), , Vol. 31

  5. Martin Almenta, M., Morrow, D. J., Best, R. J., Fox, B. & Foley, A. M., Domestic fridge-freezer load aggregation to support ancillary services (2016), , Vol. 87

  6. Elmitwally, A., Eladl, A. & Morrow, D., Long-Term Economic Model for Allocation of FACTS Devices in Restructured Power System Integrated Wind Generation (2016), , Vol. 10

Conference Papers

  1. Yang, N., Cao, W., Tan, Z., Song, X., Littler, T. & Morrow, J., Asymmetrical rotor design for a synchronous machine based on surrogate optimisation algorithm (2016), Proceedings of the 8th IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD 2016)