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Dr Jing Deng
Senior Engineer
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E-mail: j dot deng at qub dot ac dot uk
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Recent Publications (2016 onwards)


Journal Papers

  1. Zhang, C., Li, K., Deng, J. & Song, S., Improved Realtime State-of-Charge Estimation of LiFePO4 Battery Based on a Novel Thermoelectric Model (2017), , Vol. 64

  2. Xu, X., Li, K., Qi, F., Jia, H. & Deng, J., Identi?cation of Microturbine Model for Long-term Dynamic Analysis of Distribution Networks (2016), 

  3. Xu, X., Li, K., Jia, H., Yu, X., Deng, J. & Mu, Y., Data-Driven Dynamic Modeling of Coupled Thermal and Electric Outputs of Microturbines (2016), 

  4. Yan, J., Li, K., Bai, E., Deng, J. & Foley, A., Hybrid probabilistic wind power forecasting using temporally local Gaussian process (2016), , Vol. 7

  5. Zhang, C., Li, K. & Deng, J., Real-time estimation of battery internal temperature based on a simplified thermoelectric model (2016), , Vol. 302