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Dr. Robert Best
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E-mail: r dot best at qub dot ac dot uk
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Recent Publications (2016 onwards)


Journal Papers

  1. Martin Almenta, M., Morrow, D., Best, R., Fox, B. & Foley, A., An analysis of wind curtailment and constraint at a nodal level (2016), 

  2. Martin Almenta, M., Morrow, D. J., Best, R. J., Fox, B. & Foley, A. M., Domestic fridge-freezer load aggregation to support ancillary services (2016), , Vol. 87

Conference Papers

  1. Jacobsen, M., Laverty, D. & Best, R. J., A laboratory experiment of single machine synchronous islanding using PMUs and Raspberry Pi - A platform for multi-machine islanding (2016), Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM) 2016 , Vol. 2016-November