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Prof. Sean McLoone
Director of Energy, Power and Intelligent Control research cluster
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E-mail: s dot mcloone at qub dot ac dot uk
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Recent Publications (2016 onwards)


Journal Papers

  1. Kim, S., McLoone, S., Byeon, J., Lee, S. & Liu, H., Cognitively-Inspired Artificial Bee Colony Clustering for Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks (2017), , Vol. 9

  2. Kernan, R., Liu, X., McLoone, S. & Fox, B., Demand Side Management of an Urban Water Supply Using Wholesale Electricity Price (2017), , Vol. 189

  3. Zhang, Y., Cao, W., McLoone, S. & Morrow, J., Design and Flux-Weakening Control of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicles (2016), , Vol. 26

  4. Walsh, L., McLoone, S., Ronda, J., Duffy, J. F. & A. Czeisler, C., Non-contact Pressure-based Sleep/Wake Discrimination (2016), 

  5. Rafferty, M., Liu, X., Laverty, D. M. & McLoone, S., Real-Time Multiple Event Detection and Classification Using Moving Window PCA (2016), , Vol. 7

  6. McNamara, P., Meere, R., O'Donnell, T. & McLoone, S., Control Strategues for Automatic Generation Control over MTDC Grid (2016), , Vol. 54

  7. Liu, X., Kennedy, J. M., Laverty, D. M., Morrow, D. J. & McLoone, S., Wide-Area Phase-Angle Measurements for Islanding Detection - An Adaptive Nonlinear Approach (2016), , Vol. 31

  8. Susto, G. A., Schirru, A., Pampuri, S. & McLoone, S., Supervised Aggregative Feature Extraction for Big Data Time Series Regression (2016), , Vol. 12

Conference Papers

  1. Kernan, R., Liu, X. A., McLoone, S. & Fox, B., Management of public water supply to reduce power cost and improve wind power uptake (2016), 2016 IEEE 16th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC)

  2. Puggini, L. & McLoone, S., Nonlinear Forward Selection Component Analysis for Optical Emission Spectroscopy Wavelength Selection (2016), 2016 27th Irish Signals and Systems Conference, ISSC 2016

  3. Gillespie, P., Gaida, D., Hung, P., Kee, R. & McLoone, S., A Bias Compensated Cross-Relation approach to Thermocouple Characterisation (2016), 4th IFAC International Conference on Intelligent Control and Automation Sciences