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Dr. Wasif Naeem PhD, MSc, BE, FHEA
Senior Lecturer
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E-mail: w dot naeem at qub dot ac dot uk
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Recent Publications (2016 onwards)


Journal Papers

  1. Yang, A., Naeem, W., Fei, M., Liu, L. & Tu, X., Multiple robots formation manoeuvring and collision avoidance strategy (2016), 

  2. Yang, A., Naeem, W. & Fei, M., Multi-UAVs formation autopilot design and performance analysis under interconnection topologies (2016), , Vol. 230

Conference Papers

  1. Hu, L., Naeem, W. & , ., COLREGs-compliant path planning for autonomous surface vehicles: a multi-objective optimization approach (2017), 

  2. McIntyre, D., Naeem, W., McIntyre, D., Ali, S. S. A. & Anwar, A., Underwater surveying and mapping using rotational potential fields for multiple autonomous vehicles (2017), 2016 IEEE International Conference on Underwater System Technology: Theory and Applications (USYS) , pp. 77-82

  3. Hu, L., Wang, Z. & Naeem, W., Security Analysis of Stochastic Networked Control Systems under False Data Injection Attacks (2016), 

  4. Ahmad, T., Littler, T. & Naeem, W., Investigating the effect of PID controller on inertial response in doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) (2016), 2016 UKACC 11th International Conference on Control (CONTROL)

  5. Ahmad, T., Littler, T. & Naeem, W., An active PID-based inertial control of a doubly-fed induction generator (2016), Proceedings of the 27th Irish Signals and Systems Conference (ISSC 2016)

  6. McIntyre, D., Naeem, W. & Zhang, C., Cooperative Mapping and Exploration using Counter-rotational Potential Fields (2016), 27th Irish Signals and Systems Conference , pp. 1-6

  7. Varas, J. M., Caharija, W., Smith, R., Bhuiyan, Z., Naeem, W., Carter, P. & Renton, I., Autonomous COLREGs Compliant Ship Navigation, Using Bridge Simulators and an Unmanned Vessel (2016), Conference Proceedings for 15th International Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries , pp. 280-287