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Mr Mark Rafferty
Research Student
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E-mail: mrafferty16 at qub dot ac dot uk
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Academic background:

MEng Electronics Engineering (first class), Queen's University Belfast, 2014.

Research project:

Intelligent Smart Grid Wide Area Monitoring With High Penetration Of Distributed Generators

Project background:

In many countries the rapid growth in energy demand, fuelled by population growth and industrialisation, has put enormous stress on electrical power system infrastructure and presented major challenges to power system operators in terms of their ability to provide a stable and sustainable supply of electricity to meet consumer demands. In particular, the need to operate power systems close to their limits to meet demand has increased their sensitivity to faults, resulting in the occurrence of large scale blackouts.

To combat these occurrences, many countries have invested heavily in smart grid technologies, with an emphasis placed on PMU-based Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS), of which event detection and analysis techniques are key parts. With the increase in data that comes with the increasing proliferation of PMUs, a major challenge facing system operators is how to efficiently process and extract useful information as it is not feasible for human operators to process the raw data manually. This motivates the need for multivariate statistical techniques for intelligent data analysis to assist real time decision making.

The main focus of this research is the use of a statistical analysis tool, to analyse and develop an intelligent Smart Grid Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) for real time situational awareness and improve stability of power systems in the hope of preventing the occurrence of large scale blackouts.

Research interests:

Smart Grid, Wide Area Monitoring Systems, PMUs