16th of May the GRF and the Institute of Governance will be hosting Prof. Paula A. Monopoli

Conference: Image and Reality: Women in 19th and 20th Century Ireland
Queen’s University Belfast

3rd – 4th April 2008



Panel 1: Image and Reality: Women & War
Chair: Dr Marie Coleman (Queen’s University Belfast)
Lorraine Dennis (University of Ulster) ‘Prisons’ memory archive: the Armagh women’
Fiona Devoy (University College Cork) ‘Irishwomen’s fight against conscription and its impact on the feminist movement’
Megan McCarty (University College Dublin) ‘Pathways to redemption: images of Mary in Irish wartime fiction’

5.30-6.00 Tea/coffee break

Panel 2: Presentation on the IRCHSS funded project: Inventing and Re-Inventing the Irish Woman: External Influences on Gender Construction 1760-2005. Participants: Dr Susan Cahill (UCD);  Professor Gerardine Meaney (UCD);  Dr Catherine O’Connell (UL);  Professor Mary O’Dowd (QUB); Dr Bernadette Whelan (UL)
Chair: Professor Catherine Clinton (Queen’s University Belfast)

7.30: Conference buffet


 9.30- 11.00
Panel 3: Image and Reality: Deviant Women
Chair: Dr Myrtle Hill (Queen’s University Belfast)
Ann Daly (NUI, Maynooth) ‘The medical profession and the Contagious Diseases Acts in post Famine Ireland’
Elaine Farrell (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘Imprisonment of “the unnatural parent”: infanticide in nineteenth century Ireland’
Leanne McCormick (University of Ulster) ‘Fallen angels: rescue homes in Belfast 1900-1945, image and reality’

11.00-11.15: Tea/coffee break

Panel 4: Image and Reality: Women in Art and Literature
Chair: Professor Gerardine Meaney (University College Dublin)
Beth Rodgers (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘“I was not half nor a quarter as wild in Ireland”: how Irish is L. T. Meade?’
Karen Normoyle-Haugh (Independent scholar) ‘The iconography of woman in the work of Harry Clarke’
Megan Buckley (NUI, Galway) ‘“Feeling that the room had no walls”: Moya Cannon’s creative spaces’
Caroline Magennis (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘“[S]ome death-haunted and artful coquette”: Northern Irish men writing Northern Irish women’

1.00 – 2.00: Conference lunch

Panel 5: Image and Reality: Biographies of Irish Women
Chair: Dr Bernadette Whelan (University of Limerick)
Pierre Ranger (University of Paris XII and Queen’s University Belfast) ‘Maud Gonne and France: context, networks and influences’
Kelley Maxham (University College Dublin) ‘Josephine McNeill: diplomatic spouse or republican mouse?’
Dr Anna Bryson (Queen Mary University of London) ‘Thekla Beere: a singular woman’

3.30-3.45: Tea/coffee break

Panel 6: Image and Reality: Women and Education
Chair: Dr Mary McAuliffe (University College Dublin)
Clara Cullen (University College Dublin) ‘In search of further education: educational opportunities for women in Dublin in the mid-nineteenth century’
Claire Rush (Queen’s University Belfast) ‘Uncovering new voices: oral testimonies and the experience of schoolgirls in Northern Ireland, 1935-47’

For more information please contact Elaine Farrell:

The organisers are grateful for financial support from the Gender Research Forum, QUB, the Institute of Irish Studies, QUB, the Student-Led Initiative, QUB and the School of History and Anthropology, QUB.

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