Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities


2015 Vice Chancellor's Research Prize

Congratulations to our colleague Dr Michael Pierse on winning the Postdoctoral Research prize in the 2015 Vice Chancellor's Research Prize competition on Friday 20th November 2015 at the...

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Open Days for Doctoral Students

The British Library will again be running a series of Open Days for Doctoral Students, taking place in January and February 2016.   The Doctoral Open Days are a chance for PhD students who...

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World Shakespeare Bibliography Online PhD Student Fellowship

The World Shakespeare Bibliography is seeking doctoral fellows interested in early modern literature and/or digital humanities. The selected fellow will be an incoming PhD student in English at...

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Folger Research Institute Research and Post Graduate opportunities on Capitol Hill Washington

Through the ICRH we enjoy membership of the Folger executive committee and thus have an opportunity to apply for grants in aid to pay travel and subsistence costs to travel and attend the following...

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Dr Manu Braganca publishes article in The Conversation France

  Congratulations to our colleague Dr Manu Braganca whose most recent article for The Conversation (French language version) has been acclaimed by the editors as “le meilleur de la...

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