Ireland and the Colonies Digital Exhibition

The Library and Special Collections at Queen's University Belfast are proud to present this digital collection of unique artefacts curated by Dr Kath Stevenson in cooperation with Dr Daniel Roberts, Dr Matthew Reznicek and Dr Jonathan Wright. This very special exhibition is presented in conjunction with the Institute of Collaborative Research in the Humanities international symposium: Ireland and the Colonies, 1775-1947: Friendships, Alliances, Resistances.

The project was inaugurated with the symposium between 3-5 June 2014 at Queen’s University Belfast examining the contribution of Irish and international agents in major historical processes such as the war of American independence, the Irish rebellion, the abolition of slavery, the Indian ‘mutiny’, nationalist movements, the emergence of the Irish Free State and independence, partition of territories. Ireland and the Colonies, 1775-1947, will seek to interrogate current models of colonial and postcolonial scholarship within the disciplinary boundaries of the academy and the historiographical traditions dictated by modern nation states. The symposium aims to inaugurate a major new international research network to lead and disseminate future research in this field.

The digital exhibition can be viewed here.

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