Dr Linda Price

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Email: l.price@qub.ac.uk


I obtained a first class degree in History and Sociology in 2000. My Phd In Human Geography then considered the gendered way of life of family farm culture linked to the contemporary issues of farm dis/tress. I have worked for the Countryside Agency as a Diversity Review Advisor and as a Project Manager with Rural Community Councils. Thus the relationship between individuals, society and the landscape has always been of interest. I came to the Geography department in Queen’s in 2005, joined Environmental Planning in 2006 and am now one of two Senior Institute Fellows engaging with the theme of ‘creativity in imagined and material worlds‘ in 2014-15 at the Institute for the Collaborative Humanities at Queen’s University.

The Institute is supporting innovative and interdisciplinary ways of considering the impacts of rural communities in the Developed World no longer being dominated by agrarian cultures. The Institutes support is enabling a concerted focus on exploring what can be learned, historically, from the arts and humanities about agrarian representations and about how creative interventions might bring greater understanding to ideas of what and who belongs in the contemporary countryside.  An interdisciplinary research programme will be developed through a series of networking events, seminars and symposium with academics, stakeholders and practitioners.

Therefore, in my role as Institute Fellow I will be building on my role in the Institute for Spatial and Environmental Planning at Queen’s and developing research programmes focussed on developing awareness of the relationships between representations of the farming landscape and the potential for creative interventions to explore what literature, art and music can tell us about ideas of being ‘in’ and ‘of’ the land.  As more and more people attempt to ‘Escape to the Country’ whether in reality through home ownership or emotionally through artistic engagement ideas of ‘the Country and The City’ are as strong as ever.  The Institute is providing the opportunity to work with academics and stakeholders to consider, for example, the ways in which creative outlets might be drawn on to develop greater understanding of the growing international phenomena of farming men taking their own lives in rural communities where agrarian culture no longer necessarily dominates. A second stream of research will be bringing together ideas of the cultural construction of the countryside with the crime fiction genre.  


  • Senior Research Fellow (September 2014-15), Institutefor Collaborative Research in the Humanities, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Adjunct Lecturer (March 2014-15) Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, School of Humanities)
  • Visiting Research Fellow (2014), University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, School of Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences
  • Queen’s Teaching Award (2010) For Excellence in Level One teaching (with Jayne Bassett and Eimear Gallagher)

Key Management, Leadership and Administrative Roles

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies (2011-14)
  • Undergraduate Advisor of Studies (2011-14)
  • Member of E-Affect Project implementation Team (2013-14)
  • Key Information Sets – Lead (Environmental Planning) (2012-14)
  • Level Two – Year Co-ordinator (2007 to 2011)
  • Open Day Co-coordinator (2006 to 2011)
  • Personal Development Planning – School co-coordinator (2007 to 2011)
  • Personal Tutor (2005-2011)

Journal Articles Post 2000

Under Review

  • Price, L. and Simpson, M. (2014), Gazing on the Northern Irish Landscape: Perceptions of Countryside Access in Comparison to Great Britain: A Path to Nowhere? Social and Cultural Geography

In Draft

  • Price, L. and Argent, N. (2014), ‘Coming Back, Staying Put and Not Going Out’: Comparisons in the Story of Patrilineal Family Farming in the United Kingdom and Australia , Journal of Rural Studies
  • Price, L.  (2014) ‘Over the Fence and Back Again’: Oral History,  Memory and The Women’s Land Army/Timber Corp of World War Two, Journal of Historical Geography

Published Journals

  • Bassett, J., Gallagher, E., & Price, L. (2014). Personal Tutors’ Responses to a Structured System of Personal Development Planning: A Focus on ‘Feedback’. Journal for Education in the Built Environment, (0), 1-15.
  • Bricknell, K., Maddrell, A., Martin, A. and Price, L. (2013) By Any Other Name? The Women and Geography Study Group, Area. 45, 1, pp.11-13
  • Price, L. (2012) Rural Support Organizations in the UK and Canada: Their Role in Supporting Patrilineal Family Farming, Sociologia Ruralis, 52, pp. 353-376
  • Price, L. (2010a) ‘Doing it with Men’: Feminist Research Practice and Patriarchal Inheritance Practices in Welsh Family Farming, Gender, Place and Culture, 17, 1, pp.81-99
  • Price, L. and Evans, N. (2009) From Stress to Distress: Conceptualising the British Family Farming Patriarchal Way of Life, Journal of Rural Studies. 25, 1, pp. 1-11

Recent Book Chapter

  • Price. L. and Conn, R. (2012) ‘keeping the Name on the Land’: Patrilineal Succession in Northern Irish Family Farming. In M. Lobley and J. Baker, 2012 (eds.) International Perspectives on Succession and Retirement on Family Farms, Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 35-52 (graded for REF 2014)
  • Price, L. (2010b) The Damaging Impacts of Patriarchy on UK Male Family Farmers, Chapter Three. In G. Winchell, Doug Ramsey, R. Koster, G. Robinson, Eds. Sustainable Rural Community Change: Geographical Perspectives from North America, the British Isles, and Australia, Eastern Washington University Press, Spokane, Washington, U.S., pp. 42-62

Other Publications

  • Price, L. (2011) Rural Support Networks in the UK and Canada: The Influence of the Patrilineal Culture of Family Farming, Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning, Working Paper 3, School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Price L. (2009). Gender: Historical Geographies of. In Kitchin R, Thrift N (eds) International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Volume 1, Elsevier, Oxford, pp. 328-3 (graded for REF 2014)

Research Grants/Awards

  • 2014/15 Senior Research Fellowship, ‘Creativity in Imagined and Material Worlds’, Institute of Collaborative Research in the Humanities’, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • 2014/15 – ‘Local Musicking in Cross-Cultural Perspectives’, Interdisciplinary Research Project Group of the Institute for Collaborative Humanities, Queen’s University Belfast, CI, 5,000
  • 2013/14 – ‘The Girl The Woman’: Generational and Geographical Borders’, Interdisciplinary Research Project Group of the Institute for Collaborative Humanities, Queen’s University  Belfast, CI, 5,000
  • (2010-12) Older Women Workers and Access to Pensions - Ireland - North/South, Centre for Ageing Research Development in Ireland (CARDI), Collaboration with NUI Galway, (CARDI, PI, £40,000)
  • (2010/11) The Women’s Land Army (including Timber Corps) during World War Two: Remembering potential challenges to geographies of gender, RGS-IBG Small Research Grant Scheme,£3,000 (RGS-IBG, PI, £3,000)
  • (2008/9)  ‘Discourses of Rural Support Networks’, £3,000, UK and Ireland, (ISEP, £3,000, PI)
  • (2008) ‘Discourses of Rural Support Networks’ Canada, Irish Social Science Platform, total grant £10,000 (ISSP, £10,000, PI)
  • (2008) Partnership Development, Foundation for Canadian Studies, total grant  –£800.00
  • (2008) Collaborative Research Visit to Canada, Queen’s Internationalisation Fund, total grant -£1,200
  • (2007) Computer Assisted Student Assessment, Work Phase One ‘embedding personal development planning – encouraging critical, reflective learning’, Queen’s Teaching Enhancement Fund, total grant £12,000
  • (2007) Travel award, Centre for Canadian Studies £200.00

 Recent Invited International Papers

  • Price, L. (2014) ‘Blood in the Soil’: Belonging, Suicide and Representation in Family Farming’, Pen Warren Centre, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 23rd September, 2014
  • Price, L. (2014) Generational Borders, The Girl the Woman Symposium, Research Project Group of the Institute for the Collaborative Humanities, The Impact of Representations of ‘the rural’ on Young Women’s Lives, 22nd-23rd May, 2014, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Price, L. (2014) School of Humanities, Griffith University, Nathan Campus, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Research Development Seminar Series: Invited Speaker,   ‘Becoming a Researcher: Researcher Positionality, 19th March, 2014
  • Price, L. (2014) School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences, University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales Australia,  Patrilineal Family Farming: Culture, Suicide and Rural Support in the UK, Canada and Australia, 27th February, 2014
  • Price, L. (2013) The Graduate Institute and Centre for Development Studies, Geneva: Gender and Generation in Rural Areas Conference: Invited Speaker, ‘Patrilineal Farming Culture, Rural Support and Suicide in the UK and Canada’, 26th-27th September, Geneva
  • Price, L. (2011) Sustainability Seminar Series (invited speaker), ‘Family Farming: Culture, Suicide and Rural Support in the UK and Canada’, University of Exeter, February, 2011
  • Price, L. (2010) Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention Conference, Gender, Isolation and Family Farming: International Perspectives, Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, 15th April, 2010, invited speaker
  • Price, L. (2009) Irish Symposium of Rural Studies, The Challenges of Integrating Academic insights into Policy approaches to Rural Stress/Support in the UK and Ireland, National University of Ireland, Galway, 1st September

International Conference Papers

  • Price, L. (2014),  Royal Geographical Society/ Institute of British Geographers, Annual Conference, London, Reshaping Gender, Class and Rurality, Chair of Author/Discussant session of Gender and Feminist Geography Research Group, 29th August, 2014
  • Price, L. And Conn, R. (2012), Third Biannual British-Irish Population Conference, “We just want to keep going”: The Pull of the Land and Intergenerational Succession on Northern Irish Family Farms, 18 - 19th April, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Price, L. (2012) Association of American Geographers Annual Conference (AAG) The Women’s Land Army and Geographies of Gender Identity: An Oral History Life Course Approach, New York, February 24th - 28th,, 2012
  • Price, L. And Simpson, M. (2011) Centre for Aging Research Development Ireland Conference (CARDI): Gender and Pension Reform: Norms, Vulnerabilities and Consequences, Pension Reform, Legal Context and Implications for Younger Women in Northern Ireland, 3rd November, Dublin, 2011
  • Price, L. (2010) Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers,   Patrilineal Family farming: ‘a way of death?’ Ill-health, suicide and the responses of Rural Support Networks in the UK and Canada’, London, 2nd September
  • Price, L. (2009) International Conference of Rural Sociology, Vaasa, Finland, ‘Farming, Belonging and the Land: Discourses of Rural Support Networks – UK and Canada’ 17th – 21st August, 2009

Professional Memberships

  • Women’s History Network
  • Member, AAG (American Association of Geographers) (since 2012) (Member of Cultural Geography, Feminist Geography and Rural Geography Research Groups)
  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers (since 2005)
  • Committee Member, RGS/IBG Gender and Feminist Geography Research Group (since 2013)
  • Member, RGS/IBG Rural Geography Research Group (since 2005)
  • Member, Queen’s University Human Geography Reading Group (since 2005)
  • Member, European Society of Rural Sociology (since 2006)
  • Member/Researcher, Irish Social Science Platform (since 2007)
  • Member, Institute of Rural Health (Wales) (since 2001)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (since 2007)
  • Member – RGS/IBG – Cultural and Social Geography Research Group (since 2014)
  • Member – RGS/IBG – Historical Geography Research Group (since 2014)





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